F(x) Comeback!! With Their 2nd Full Album “Pink Tape”

Oh My God!!! F(x) is coming back!!

They’re coming back with their 2nd full album, Pink Tape.

f(x) pink tape

I am so hyped with this comeback news. Finally after 1 year + 1 month waiting I got to see the girls and their music again!

SMTown posted this news on their twitter yesterday (July 17th). They posted ‘It’s not comprehensible by reason fx Pink Tape’ (this is a quote from Krystal teaser image)  and added a link to their teaser movie. They also added Krystal’s teaser image. I think she is first, and then the other girls are coming after.

Krystal teaser image

The video is not their MV teaser though. I think it’s their album teaser. It shows the concept of this comeback and how the album is pretty much gonna be like. And it was Awesome…, Epic…., The Best!!

The video is titled “????_The 2nd Album ‘Pink Tape’_Art Film”<< Yes, ‘Art film’. I was so exited after reading it. I love art. I even just entered the art and design faculty in collage.  This is a happiness. I know it was right to be a fan of f(x)! XD

Anyway, I played the video, and….. I was speechless. I think the video is a clip from their jacket album photo shoot. Krystal gave a narrative intro at the start, and it gave me goosebumps. It actually reminds me of Bella’s voice in twilight. The video was full of vintage, hipster, and indie kind of feel. It was of course artsy. It’s so unique, different from any K-pop group right now, really going out of the mainstream, which is why I liked it. It’s so f(x).

They shot it with a Lomokino, which makes it even more artsy. It was daring, creepy but at the same time beautiful. Like a ‘beautiful-ugly’, though it was not ugly, it was creepy. The girls were flawlessly beautiful and cute at the same time. They’re so natural at doing everything in front of the camera, it was effortless and made it even better. It was epic, and to be honest I think it’s the most artsy video that SM production ever made. The best teaser too (after f(x) debut teaser ;P). Man,…. Congrats SM!! Really good job!!

I want to thanking SM too for being so creative and always providing high quality unique music and concept for f(x). No wonder you guys took a long time for this comeback. It’s this epic. Again, thank you~ And I actually don’t mind waiting as long as you always give f(x) girls something unique and epic like this. Keep surprising us, SM! I’m proud of you! For this time, I can say say that I love you!

And I was also happy with the fact that Krystal gave the narrative in English. It as if the video was really made for the international fans. And the teaser photo of Krystal also has English on it. They even said ‘All the global fans of ????, stay tunned’.  I think they really count f(x) as an international artist now.

So…, f(x) said to be coming back at the 25th of July on MCountdown. They’re gonna drop the full album/MV on 29th of July. Hopefully this will be another successful comeback for f(x), even more.  I hope the best for f(x) and all their projects too. Good luck, girls!!

And here it is, The video of f(x), The 2nd Album ‘Pink Tape’_Art film. Watch it till the end!! ^ ^

check out they’re renewed website for this comeback here : fx.smtown.com, and stay tuned!

Ada Cinta_2

Kelanjutan dari Ada Cinta_1. Selamat membaca.

Ada Cinta_2

Tuhan menciptakan Adam, lalu menciptakan Hawa. Tuhan menciptakan Hutan, lalu ia menciptakan Hujan. Dan takdir menyatakan mereka untuk bersama. Bukankah semua itu membuktikan. Pertemuan ini…
seluruhnya takdir

*Ngiung… Ngiung… Ngiung…*

Sirine mobil ambulans terdengar semakin dekat ke rumah sakit Ibu Pertiwi. Jalan-jalan kota masih di banjiri oleh derasnya hujan pada sore itu. Hari ini begitu mendung, tak seperti Bandung biasanya. Mobil ambulans itu memasuki lapangan parkir rumah sakit Ibu Pertiwi dan berhenti tepat di depan pintu ruang UGD. Para petugas yang berada di dekat pintu segera keluar, membantu para petugas yang datang dari ambulans melarikan pasien yang dibawa itu masuk ke ruang UGD.

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Kembali Merangkai Mimpi_Serpihan 1: Bandar Harapan

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Halo semuanya…
Yay! Akhirnya bisa nulis lagi~…. ^ o ^

Jadi akhirnya setelah sekian lama aku vakum nulis dan nge-update blog ini, aku pun mempublish post terbaruku yang merupakan sebuah potongan cerita pendek dari fanfiction idola cilik yang baru-baru ini aku bayangkan berhubung rumor-rumor reuni IC yg katanya akan di adakan itu… ‘SBY’?

Well.. monggo di baca yuk. Daerah pertama yg akan kita kunjungi ini adalah Jogja. Temanya kali ini Cagni. He hehe… Dan ini masih kemungkinan akan di lanjutkan ke part selanjutnya juga (dgn tema yang beda tentunya). Nanti deh… lihat komen dan reaksinya dulu. Oke??

Happy Reading and don’t forget to comment! ^ , ^


Kembali Merangkai Mimpi
Serpihan 1: Bandar Harapan

*~ ~ *


*~ ~ *

4 Tahun berlalu sejak Idola cilik redup dan tak didengar lagi gaungnya. Hingga tahun ini, di 2013, RCTI mencoba untuk mengembalikan acara reality talent show mereka yang melegenda itu ke layar kaca para penikmat musik Indonesia, terutama anak-anak Indonesia.

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Konser Kidung Abadi – Chrisye

Chrisye yang menjadi salah satu legenda musik Indonesia telah “dihidupkan kembali” oleh Erwin Gutawa dan Jay Subiakto. Dengan konser megah berjudul “Kidung Abadi”, Chrisye yang telah berpulang 5 tahun lalu, seperti “menyempatkan waktu” untuk datang dan menyanyi kembali di konser ini.

Dengan mengundang beberapa artis dan musisi papan atas untuk berpartisipasi, alunan musik dari Erwin Gutawa dan tataan artistik dari Jay Subiakto konser ini pun berhasil mengembalikan lagi pesona Chrisye dan legenda yang menyertainya. Chrisye mungkin telah tiada namun musiknya akan selalu abadi.

10cm – Korean Indie Band

Wow… long time no see!!..~~ ^o^

Now I remember that I have abandoned this blog for so long. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Time has begun to running faster for me (litterally). I’m in an accelaration class in my beloved high school, SMAN 70, and this third semester I have even becoming bussier. I’m so glad because starting from today until next week I could have a little break (It’s a holiday yay!!), because my senior in 12th grade is doing an exam. But yeah.. I still got many homework to do at home.

So, I was exploring youtube at the other day. Trying to find random song to acompany me trough my day of bussy and I found a really interesting band. It’s an indie band from South Korea. Yeah.. finally founded a musician from South Korea that totally different from the usual K-pop idol style.

This band called “10cm“. Their genre is Acoustic folk and their music is so refreshing to me. Starting from their song which titled “beautiful” I have begun to liking them. The sound of their guitar really pamper your ears and their vocals is so unique and awesome. They got the flow in their music and so it was trully beautiful. I tried to look to their other songs and it was not dissapointing. When you hear their song you would feel like you’re in a cozy cafe with it’s relaxing atmosphere. And at the end of the day, I have already downloaded 5 songs from them.

So finally I’m gonna share to you three of their song that I really like.

“???? ??? ???? (Tonight I’m afraid of the dark)”, this song is a pretty fun bright song, a contrast to the tittle tough.

“Rebirth” Just listen, you could be speechless like me too.

and… “Good night”. I say this could be your new lullaby to sleep. It’s so relaxing~~ ^ ^

Well.. that’s all. Thank you for visiting and listening. I Hope you like it. ^ ^

- Saniyyah Ardina K.

New dress Sketch for Krystal


 - Chic krystal

SHINee in Anime

Greetings to all Shawols!! ^o^

We love SHINee isn’t it? We love them in the real live. But do we also love them in anime??
So, what thing that first pop in your head after read the Title of this post?  Since SHINee already debuted in Japan, they got an offer to being a character in an anime?.. No no… sorry to say that this post doesn’t talk about it and they doesn’t get an offer to be an anime character in Japan.. YET. ( He he.. I said yet because maybe they will get an offer. Ah.. I hope so cuz I’m really gonna watch it ).

So.. actually In this post, I’m gonna show you some pictures of SHINee in anime form. Some of may have seen it a lot. Because many of this picture, I got it from a fansite, or other artsy site like deviant art, tumblr, we heart it. And one of them are also created by me. Hwa ha ha… Why am I feel so proud?? ^-^

And here it is…

Ring Ding Dong SHINee chibi

Ah.. it’s so cute isn’t it?.. And there is more..

Japanese Romeo SHINee

Now this one is so sweet… don’t you agree??,

SHINee, F(x), CNBlue Mixed

While this one is an anime mixed of SHINee, his fellow mate F(x) and CNBlue. But what if SHINee go drunk?!

shinee go drunk

Well I wonder if they can really do that in the real live. But the most interesting about this picture is that the cafe waiter at the back looks also like SHINee. Haha.. I suddenly remmember about coffee prince. Now let me show you one more anime picture of them. It’s so funny,

SHINee with their nicknames

He he he… so.. did you get what the picture meant? Did you get what I mean?

While this one is from me. I draw it. SHINee Taemin at the concert poster(When he wear black t-shirt)

Taemin sketch

I actually have more. There is a fanmade comic about them. and also a funfact about how they hair change every song, my other sketch (Onew & Key), and more. Just ask me if you want. (you can do it in comment thread. So please leave your comment ^ ^)

And this is the bonus picture..

SHINee with Raindrop

PS : Every picture can be enlarged. Just click the picture.

Finally, thank you for visiting. Keep on visiting cause I will update it soon. See Ya’

Saniyyah Ardina K.



SNSD – The Boys [Areia Remix]

Well I just realized, looking at my site stats looks like the visitors like to see and read about SNSD. So I decide to post this SNSD new song in a REMIX VERISON!! fuuuuu!!!

SNSD the boys

This version is remixed by Areia (Jun Areia) my favorite remixer/DJ. He has a channel in youtube that you should really visit if you like remixed song especially kpop.  Maybe one of you’re fav idol is in there. And to those who also wants to try something new, fresh and interesting in music feel free to visit it.

Areia youtube channel (click here)

This remix is awesome. It makes the song even more powerful and remembered (ah.. sorry if the word didn’t make sense. I don’t know how to describe this, this is just Awesomely cool!!). Oh yeah, Areia doesn’t just remixed the song. He also remixed the video (dance & scene sequence, etc.) so it will be so exiting.

Well… Enjoy.

Ulzzang World

Hmm.. Ulzzang?

Yea.. Ulzzang. I think all of you must be already know about it. Especially for the one who likes Korean culture ( like me ^ ^ ha ha). But If you don’t I’ll explain a little about Ulzzang.

The word “Ulzzang” is a korean language which has the meaning of “Best face”.  Usually Korean people call a handsome boy/man and a pretty or beautiful girl/women with “Ulzzang”. So simply Ulzzang is someone that beautiful/handsome in a composition of  “so much!”. They usually have a big eyes, a skin as soft as silk, tall and.. mainly korean.

Big eyes of ulzzang

I started to know Ulzzang since about… maybe August 2011. It was my friend who told me about Ulzzang. The first Ulzzang that I know is still very very young (still a child)  her name is Aleyna.

cute Aleyna

And i started to like ulzzang since yesterday. You see I found 3 Ulzzang boy who absolutely catch my attention. They are Park Tae Jun, Park Ji Ho and Lee Chi Hoon. They have a TV program that called “Pretty boys Company” and I didn’t think that they are so funny and interesting. Because the last time I see in the Season 1 ulzzang shidae (a tv program about ulzzang) Mainly Ulzzang is so shy in front of the camera. Only one girl YoungGi that I found attractive.

pretty boys company; from the left, lee chi hoon, Park Ji ho, Park Tae Jun

And if you want to see more how this 3 cool guys become a funny and crazy, you can check their gif here.

So.. I searched more about Ulzzang these times. I think I could make some times to watch more episode of Pretty boys company. And my favorite Ulzzang now is Lee Chi Hoon.

Lee Chi Hoon . B&W mode; from ABOKIst

I don’t really know how. Maybe because he had once  being my mystery man in my computer. So actually before I knew about Ulzzang and before I knew about Lee Chi Hoon I found a picture in the Internet which is a guy that so cute, handsome, well something that accomplished requirement to be an Ulzzang and I really liked it so I saved it. I’ve searched at about 2 months to know the name of the guy who is in the picture and finaly Last week I found my answer and it is Lee Chi Hoon. He started to be a special ulzzang for me since that day. Ha ha..

This is the photo when Chi hoon used to be a mystery man in my computer. Isn't he looks charismatic?

One thing that I really like about him is his lips. It somehow looked so fresh and plum and… haaah.. I don’t know how to describe it. But after I watched Pretty boys company and knew that his personality is also funny I like him much more. By the way, Park Tae Jun and Park Ji Ho also a top ulzzang along with Lee Chi Hoon. I think these three are a seniors and a top ulzzang  in Ulzzang world.

Park Tae jun

Park Ji ho and his girlfriend (who also an Ulzzang)

Well.. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of Ulzzang that I have showed you. If you want to know more just ask it in the comment area maybe I can help you ^ ^ ,.. or you could type “Ulzzang” in google and they’ll tell you right away. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope I can’t update this blog soon. Thank you again and Bye bye ~ ~ ^ -^


Thank youuu ^_^ ( xoxo )

SHINee 2nd Japanese single “Juliette” MV Teaser release

So guys, finally SHINee again releasing a single, their second japanese single which is “Juliette”!! >.< (fuuu)

I’m so exited. In all point of view, the teaser is awesome!! I think the lightning and setting obviously improved allot from Juliet Korean MV.  But in personal, I don’t know I will like it or not. And actually this far, I don’t really like it. (aaah eotokae)

I like the setting and all. The building, and the stairs, and the ballroom where all white except SHINee and the ‘Juliette’  (BTW, the effect at that set [ballroom] is so cool!), but honestly I don’t really like the girl. It’s not as mysterious as Krystal in Korean ver MV. Gosh! Why not Krystal act as the Juliette again in the Japanese MV. Seriously I think Krystal is way better than the girl. (And why in the world there is a guy wearing helmet and someone with a racket in that ballroom?? I don’t understand, SHINee maskball concept always confusing me T,T)

So by the way, back to ‘Krystal as the Juliette’ topics again,

Who’s with me?!! Xo..

^o^ Ups.. kidding.. he he. lets not make a prejudge. This is my thought now, but I don’t know about later, maybe it would change?? So let’s just think positive okay guys?.

Hmm.. by the way SHINee members look older here. ha ha, I like the new 21st century mask (especially Onew’s), and the girl’s outfit is cute too (I like it).

I hope the MV will look better than the teaser. Go SHINee!

Lastly Sorry If my English or Korean grammar is bad. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post. I hope you like it. And Please comment! ^ ^
Ok then, this post should end here.
Thank you and See you in the next post, bye bye ^ ^

Saniyyah A.K